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Monday 20th May 2013

Prime Produce From The North

The quality of produce in the North Highlands of Scotland has been celebrated with a special competition for farmers in the area.

The annual carcass competition identifies the best beef and lamb supplied to North Highland Products over the course of the past year.  Strict specifications around fat and size ensure only the very best product makes it to the final stage. At a time when provenance and quality have never been more important, the competition was hotly contested.

Over 35,000 sheep and cattle were eligible for the competition with 17 new farmers coming on board.  The overall winner for cattle was Hugh Gordon with JJ Anderson picking up the trophy for overall lamb.

NHI Chairman David Whiteford said the competition was a great celebration of farming standards in the area. “As a local farmer myself, I know the exceptional quality of lamb and beef from the North Highlands. This competition is a way of showcasing that to a much wider audience”

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