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Our beef comes from the North Highlands of Scotland which has a long tradition of producing the highest quality meat – aSDI_Event084nd all Mey Selections beef is guaranteed to be born and reared within 150 miles of the Castle of Mey. Chosen from selected herds where farmers have daily contact with their livestock, all cattle are traceable to family farms and crofts, ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare. Our BRC approved dedicated hanging, chill and cutting facility ensures Mey Selections beef is given extra flavour through the skilful processing techniques of dry ageing, slow chilling and hip suspension method during early maturation. Returns to farmers are boosted through premiums paid by our Beef processor, Anglo Beef Processors (ABP) for Mey Selections livestock. To read more about ABP click here.

Taste Mey Selections lamb and you will know that it has no rival for tenderness and flavour. The sheep breeds reared in the North Highlands are well suited to make the best of the heather covered ground and the fertile pastures of the region. This produces hardy sheep able to cope with the long winter months, flourishing in the longer summer days to raise healthy, natural lambs. All Mey Selections lamb is reared on family farms and crofts in the North Highlands. Our lamb comes from selected flocks, where farmers have daily contact with their livestock using traditional husbandry and a natural approach to stockmanship. Dunbia retains its commitment to local producers that has been so much part of its origin, success and culture. Returns to farmers are boosted through premiums paid by our lamb processor, Dunbia for Mey Selections livestock.  To read more about Dunbia click here.

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We are committed to using the highest standards of food production to produce the highest quality food. By extending our range of products to include sustainable supplies of fresh fish and shellfish through local harbours, as well as bakery and other products, we aim to deliver only top quality food to discriminating customers – at the same time, ensuring a sustainable future for local farmers and food producers.

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