Mey Selections is the brand name of the North Highland Initiative (NHI), an initiative launched by HRH, Prince Charles, the Duke of Rothesay in 2005 to foster closer connections between farmers, fine food producers and our customers.  NHI aims to sustain a traditional and fragile rural way of life in the North Highlands of Scotland.

The brand’s vision is to bring the natural goodness of the North Highlands to a wide range of customers whilst ensuring a sustainable future for our farmers and producers.

Mey Selections

Buying Mey Selections, you’re not only helping to sustain a traditional way of life in one of Europe’s most fragile rural areas, you’re also buying beef and lamb at its very best.  Traditionally butchered and matured for 3 weeks by the experts at Campbells Prime Meat, a variety of beef and lamb cuts, ranging from steaks and roasts to mince and slow-cooking cuts, are now available.All farmed within 150 miles of the Castle of Mey, Mey Selections beef and lamb is traditionally produced on family-run farms where the animals are naturally grass-fed and the herdsman has daily contact with the livestock.  Centuries of traditional husbandry combined with grazing pastures of grass and heather give a distinctive flavour to the meat.  The farmers adhere to the strictest animal welfare standards and are independently audited by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

All products are carefully selected for Mey Selections and the range is constantly being extended with the current range including shortbread and oatcakes. Fresh and smoked salmon, along with a range of cheeses, are likely to follow soon.